Fun Days

Our policy on showing and breeding is simple. We choose the very best animals we can access and we raise the puppies in a home environment carefully and socialise them well. We do not keep many dogs and all our dogs must have a wonderful life. We give them that and more. They are our pets first and foremost. We do not breed very often and do require that buyers agree to give their dogs from us simply  great lives. For the most part they do. Many of our puppies go to those people who have had dogs from us in the past. This is a huge joy for us and means we are doing something pretty right. Our dogs have 2 dams and a pool to swim in. They are not kennelled and have trips to interesting places as well as a few acres to explore at home. We are lucky to live fairly close to wonderful dog beaches.  The Queen of our kennels is Miss Muriel who is coming up to her 14th birthday. Her grandaughter Miss Gilly is her best friend.  Miss gilly is shown below with some of her puppies.










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Robyn Nagle
Woodville, NSW, Australia
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