Breed Information

There are currently 3 Breed clubs in Australia :


South Australia 


Each Club has a rescue you can contact if you need help in rehoming your dog. 

Most, if not all, responsible breeders will either assist you to find a new home for your Newfoundland or take your dog back. A lot of breeders now have it as part of their agreement to sell. has a list of Breed Club contact details.

You may have to wait some time for a puppy from a reputable breeder. 

Please make sure you see the parents if possible (may not be possible if frozen semen has been used), and most definitely see the results of the health tests done on the parents. Familiarise yourself with what is good and bad in regards to hips and elbows.

Most breeders will require you take puppy to a vet of your choice within a given time to get them checked over and make sure they are healthy . 

Heart issues, cystinuria, hips and elbows are currently the big 4 concerns in our breed.

Do your homework!  It could save you a lot of heartache . 

Contact Details

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